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Many moons ago, Four year old me was gifted the opportunity to waddle with intent down the center aisle, dressed as one of the three wise-men in our church's youth rendition of the nativity scene. To everyone else it was just a Sunday but to four year old me it was the greatest day of my life!

As I grew, I continued to find joy in performing. My artsy adventures have pulled me on stage, on screen, and even internationally, with every new escapade only further growing my passion and enthusiasm for my craft. 

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Today my aim is to use my voice to share the joy I have received. The love I pour into every read and the integrity I carry to every professional interaction is more than just part of my perfectionist method. It is also my pledge to voice acting and other performance arts. Life can deal a tough hand sometimes but the arts can be a window with insight on how to treat each other with greater kindness and respect! 

My work is not a job... It is my joy! I would love the opportunity to share it with you.

Studio Specs
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Neumann TLM 103.png


  • Microphone: Neumann TLM 103

  • Audio Interface: Babyface Pro FS

  • Professionally advised home built recording space (Not even my cat can get in!)




“A talented voice actor, Alex has been wonderful and accommodating with the narrative and character voices he has done for my projects. He has great work ethic—dependable and punctual with deadlines, all while delivering quality work. Alex's determination and dedication to achieving that perfect voice for your project is inspiring. It’s been such a pleasure to work with him!””

- Jessica Roasa, Multimedia Consultant at United Nations ESCAP

"We were lucky to have come across Alexander; the man is a natural, no doubt about that. His voice range took us by surprise. I think it is safe to say none of us were expecting someone who could give a performance like the one he gave when we recorded 'Through The Gates Of Madness' with him. The guy's a pro."

- Javier Cabrera, editor-in-chief at Cabrera Brothers

"Alex possesses an impeccable talent when it comes to character work. He brings the words on the page to life, but also injects them with a charisma and history that sometimes goes unremarked in a reading. Each line feels like he's lived in their shoes all his life." 

- Colyn De Graaff, Founder & Creative Director at Cold Open Stories

"I had the pleasure of working with Alexander on one of my animation projects where he was asked to provide the voice of an iconic video game character. Not only did Alexander provide me with an outstanding impression, but he understood my script directions clearly and provided me with all of his lines incredibly quickly. I did not need to ask for any retakes because the first takes were already amazing! I would be happy to work with Alexander again, and I recommend him to anyone looking for a talented and reliable voice actor.”

- Mike Bettencourt, Content Creator

“Alexander is a wonderful voice talent. He is quick to respond, professional to work with, and he is polite to boot!””

- Adam Lehenbauer , Forteller Games

“The kid is amazing!”

- Mat Higgins, owner at Ace Hardware

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